4 days in Bergen – Mount Ulriken [4].

So this the final day of my visit to Bergen. Because I love mountain hiking and had nothing fun to do in the city, I thought why not go ‘carpe diem’ and hike to Mount Ulriken. My friend, Frode, told me that it’s a really simple and fun trail. I woke up around 8 am., ate some porridge (Norwegians make the best porridge, trust me) and went out for my adventure. The weather was really nice and promising, so no worries were in my head at that moment.


The distance from the center of the city to the actual trail was about 20 minutes walk, so not so bad. You can as well take a bus, but I thought I need some warm-up before hiking. When I finally got to the place, I take out my minimap (MAPS.ME – the best app for it) and started hiking. I didn’t have this map all along, but sometimes I had the need to use it for obvious reasons.


The view from there was so incredible! I really recommend hiking there (you can as well go by the Ulriksbanen, but for me, this way is more fun and challenging. It took me around one hour because I took the hardest trail (I didn’t know that there was another, easier path, but it was longer, so)


After I went back to sea level, it started raining really heavily. Typical Bergen. But I was so lucky to have good weather for hiking.

I will miss Bergen. I will probably come back here someday.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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