Dublin, Ireland [2].

Part two of our weekend-journey to the astonishing, old, and surprisingly not-so-big capital Dublin.

We began our second day by taking the bus, again, due to the works on the railway. At the centrum, we strolled slowly around, discovering new places and visiting old ones by accidents, like the Dublinia below. The day before we unintentionally saw only one side of the building, completely ignoring the rest of it, especially the beautiful arch above the street.


We didn’t have any specific plan, but because it was quite chilly weather and I was freezing in my autumn jacket, we mostly were bouncing from shop to shop to keep ourselves warm. Dublin’s souvenir shops are the most interesting, not because they sell simple things with the name “Dublin” on them, but because of the quality of the stuff. We went maybe to 10 of such shops and still couldn’t satisfy our eyes.


Of course, we had to visit the famous Trinity College with the statue “Sfera con sfera” by Arnaldo Pomodoro. To enter the library of the college you have to pay of course (and there was a huge line already) so we decided to pass on that.


Then we went to one of the shopping streets just to see what they have. I must say, the prices don’t vary much from the Norwegian ones. It was quite a disappointment because both of us wanted to do some crazy shopping. I still got some nice things but the price… not low.


The Christmas lights were hanging above the streets, but only a few of them actually were lighting when it got darker. Quite sad, but at the same time, it’s still a lot of time to the actual Christmas. Can’t judge that.


I could only imagine how all that will look like, with all those festive lights, green neons from pubs and snow slowly falling on the street. Probably magical.


I must say Irish pubs are both a blessing and a curse. They are full of lively and happy people, amazing drinks and live music but because of that, it’s most likely that you will spend a lot of money for those drinks and atmosphere. And they’re literally on every corner of the street. It’s harder to find a proper restaurant than to find a place to get fizzy.


After strolling around the shops we went for a walk to the cute park in a square shape, named St Stephen’s Green. It wasn’t big but it had small water-area with ducks and swans.


Then it just started to rain. We still were quite lucky that it happened on the evening of the second day, not from the beginning of the trip (although the Iphone’s weather app said the opposite). We went to an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Romano, but it took us half an hour to find it among very few interesting places.


Before I will end this post here’s a tip for you who plans to visit Ireland: if you don’t have the power plug adapter and you have a TV in the room, you can charge your phone via USB cable in most of the TVs.


Anyway, that’s it from me about Dublin. Maybe one day I’ll come back to Ireland because I enjoy the country and the fact that I can speak their language quite good. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you soon!



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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