We’ve got a cat & winter is here.

The last two weeks, when there were no posts, were very, very boring (one of the reasons I didn’t write anything), but recently a lot more is going on. I mean, a cat?

I’ve always been a cat person. When I was 4-5 all I did was drawing cats, and I owned many cat figures, so I guess my parents figured out it’s time for a real one. Unfortunately, it ran away a couple of months later when we took him to the construction site of our new home. Then after a couple of years came another cat, which after some time got pregnant with kitties and lived a couple of happy years until it got hit by the car.

The last one, a ginger male cat died one year ago, when I was already in Norway, so I couldn’t even say goodbye to him. I said to my partner recently I still miss him and he was like “why don’t we get ourselves a cat?”. I was quite suspicious when he said that because all I know is that he doesn’t like animals, especially pets. He never said he wants a dog or a cat and he never looked happy when he saw one in front of him. I didn’t quite believe him because when we were watching together funny videos of cats and dogs he was always enjoying it.

Getting a cat in Norway isn’t the easiest thing. I remember in Poland you just had to go to the animal shelter, pick up which one you want, pay some symbolic amount of money to the shelter (I guess they need money for food for all those animals) and maybe give him some vaccination later. Here when I contacted the shelter I didn’t even get a response, so I had to find a phone number, which didn’t result in anything because they ask me to wait a WHOLE WEEKEND for a call supposedly on Sunday, that never happened. I was like… you have all those animals that need hope but you don’t do anything to actually find the home? So I ended up searching through the local market and finding our new kitty there, Miki.

Anyway, enough of the rant. A winter came to our little town, so we got some snow and it’s around -1 or -2 degrees on a daily basis. It’s nothing crazy, I would say it’s more like polish type of winter rather than a Scandinavian one, but I keep in mind that we’re currently dealing with global warming (so no one should be suprised).

We will start decorating our little apartment around the 1st of December so I will probably do some pictures. We’ve got much more Christmas decorations than last year and we live together for almost three years already. It’s always difficult when you’re the only one keen on decorating haha.

Anyway, I hope you guys are safe and healthy and are having a lovely weekend so far. See you soon!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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