Sunny walks in Slovenia.

On our short stay in Slovenia, we had a couple of beautiful, springish days and we made sure to make most out of it.

img-5622img-5624-1Slovenia isn’t much different than Poland when it comes to small cities, suburbs and the architecture in general. Walking around “small” Hoče felt very homey, not like we were in completely different countries. Or at least I was because for my partner it’s an actual home (he’s from Slovenia).


There, almost two thousand kilometers from Norway, birds were singing, chickens were making whatever noise chickens are makings and gooses were enjoying on the sun as much as we did. So peaceful, but for some people, it could be too much of a village. I liked it.


There are times in life when you get your skin tanned on the south coast of France or when you enjoy expensive dinner in a Spanish restaurant, but there are also times when you go to visit the family town and get lost in the streets that you have known since you learned to walk. That’s not the case for me this time, but you get the point.


WordPress is quite hard to work with today, so I’m not writing much, mostly just pictures. I tried the new block editor but it just doesn’t work for me – I like to use things that are simple and that aren’t “trying too hard” if you know what I mean. Too many buttons and it becomes more about editing than actual writing. I prefer to just post pictures and write to be honest. 


Anyway, if you want to taste “real” Ćevapi with ajvar, experience mild, sunny weather even at the beginning of spring or late winter or if you just want to see something different, you should definitely check out Slovenia. It’s not a popular destination but I don’t see why. 

Have a wonderful woman’s day and see you soon with a new post! It will be something about traveling, but I won’t tell you more details. 

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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