Norway – Basic of Politics.

I feel like politics in every country is really complicated and complex. Maybe it’s because I’m not fond of this subject, but some subjects one must know. ‘The must know’ for me is politics, history, sociology and a bit of geography. You don’t have to know language perfectly to live somewhere, but when you don’t know what’s going on in the country, you must do some research. So here I am, providing basic information about some politics stuff.

1. Norway is the parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy.

It basically means that in Norway there’s a king (Harald V), there’s constitution (17.05.1814), there’s democration (mostly) and of course parliament (Storting).

2. Norwegian constitution is from 17.05.1814 and it transformed country from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy. So the King doesn’t have as much power as before

3. As written before, Harald V has mainly symbolic and representative power, like the Queen Elizabeth II

4. Storting is a Norwegian legislative body with popular voting system (4-year term) and it has 169 members. Also, Norway has multi-party system (which is shown below).

Storting is basically a Norwegian parliament. It’s basically divided between two blocks (coalitions):

  • centre-right coalition (Conservative P., Progress P., Christian Democratic, Liberal P.)
  • red-green coalition (Labour P., Centre P., Socialist Left P.)

What’s up with the colours you may ask? So I made a description which should make it all clear.


And the parties who are in the coalitions are basically one of the biggest, and has the most impact on decisions.

5.  Executive power is exercised by the King’s council, the cabinet, led by the Prime Minister of Norway

6. The Judicary is independent of the executive branch and the legislature

7. It’s more a geographic fact, but still must-know: Norway is divided into 19 counties (fylker)

That’s it for the basics. Hope you’ll like it.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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