5 places in Norway i want to visit [1].

Norway is a big and beautiful country, but there are few specific things I would really want to see when able to. Here’s short list of them.

  1. Preikestolen norway-1401550_1280Preikestolen in the Lysefjords. Okay, it’s probably must have for most of the tourists, inhabitants, but why not? Just look at the picture – pure gold. Amazing view, worth the good old hiking in the mountains (few hours I think). The closest city is Stavanger (one of the biggest) and from there it should be the easiest to get there. preikestolen
  2. Jotunheimen jotunheimen-1843891_1280.jpgThe most known mountain-chain in Norway. Known from films, books and from the mythology (Jotunheimen were a land called Utgard where giants lived) The closest big city is Lillehammer, but you can as well take a bus even form the Bergen, Oslo or Trondheim. jotunheimen
  3. Galdhøpiggen (2 469 m) glacier-772341_1280So when one is in the Jotunheimen, the must-do is this highest mountain in Norway. It’s not really high, but still worth going to. galdhopiggen
  4. Lofoten reine-1493681_1280Have you heard of the magical place where the northern lights cover the sky when the night comes, and in the morning you can enjoy some freshly-caught fish (or the dried-one). A place scattered on little islands, with colorful houses (called rorbu). Absolutely worth visiting. It’s very far in the north, and the closest place is Bodø. (You can fly to Tromsø and then to Bodø). lofoten
  5. Kristiansand sylwia-bartyzel-138945.jpgThe city is placed in the farthest south in Norway, so the weather there is likely to be like in North Poland, Scotland or England (not the rainy one though) kristiansand

Norway as a country has really well provided tourist information, so basically every city, place worth visit has its own website or page. And probably you can change language from Norwegian in most cases.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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