Packing for few days.

Since I’m going for a 4 day trip in the following day, I thought it would be the best opportunity to share with you guys my way of packing. Usually I’m really minimalistic, and my friends are always shocked how small are my backpack etc. So here’s my secrets for 3-4 day trip.


You need good backpack. Nothing too big and too small. I didn’t have anything here that would fit so I went to Gjenbruk (Hamar’s thrift shop) and got myself a solid one. If you’re like me, on a tight budget, you can always do the same and look for used one.

Rest of the things I put in the pictures. That’s all I will take for 3-4 day trip and I think that’s all everyone’s need for that period.

And of course bunch of clothes (one for each days) and pair of trousers. I didn’t make photo of them because they are still drying (:D). I don’t take make up for trip where I’ll be mostly trekking, walking etc. because it’s taking place in backpack for not only make-up but also make-up remover. And why you need this on a trip anyway?

I never forget my notebook. It’s my essential on every trip, because I need to write everything down. It’s really helpful when you want to make blog post after a trip.

However, that’s my way packing. It’s by no mean the best one, but really minimalistic and takes really little space. Stay tuned for posts about trip!




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a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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