When you can’t control things.

When you can’t control how much snow will fall this week (but you really like the snow, your inner child), when you can’t control what you will have for dinner, because your fridge is empty, and there’s only one thing to be prepared (but you’re really craving some steak). When you can’t control if people who you love are in good or bad state of living (but it frustrates the hell out of you). But it gets really downhill, when you can’t control if people who you love, love you back. 


All people know that, there’s some things in life you can’t just control as much as you would love to. But do we not tend to forget about that? Because how depressing it really is, to go through life bearing this in mind? Is it then worth to even start loving someone without a proof that it will be reciprocated?

Especially love, which is one of those random things that just happens in our lives, like death or sickness. You never choose the date, the way it happens or if it will last few months or few lifetimes. Love itself isn’t egoistic – it’s all about caring and giving. But when a mind comes to the puzzle – it can be really self-destructive. Attention seeking stain on your shirt that grows bigger and bigger, every time your feelings aren’t reciprocated. It eventually becomes so big, that you can’t hide it anymore. So you hide yourself.


If you can’t control someone’s love for you, just don’t do anything about that fact. Don’t sit with them, watching, while your own life passes through, like a fog in the morning slips out of the city. Love itself teaches caring, teaches to be more than a self-centered human being, focused on life goals as the only right thing. You can do a lot of good things with the love you created within you. Caring for that person with selflessness is one way, another is to apply this love around you and for you, yourself. When we love, we tend to forget about ourselves.


It’s normal to wish the other person loved us as much as we do. It’s not selfish, it’s natural. We want to be treated like we treat others, so why would it be wrong with wanting to be loved while loving? The only thing there’s to be learned, is to know when to stop hurting ourselves and let it go. Keep it to ourselves and don’t watch our life’s fall to the bottom. Life is dark and it will always be, but there’s sunshine everyday, isn’t it?


This article is by no mean a psychological advice, it’s more an self-reflective piece, so don’t take it too personal. Have a nice week everyone.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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