Challenging yourself.

We all do like or would like to have a comfortable life, with no worries. Sitting on a couch in afternoon, enjoying a cup of delicious coffee, while some drama is flashing on the TV screen. Imagine that every day. Isn’t that boring? We all need some challenge in life.

There are two ways (even more, but let’s say in this world there are only two of them) to live your life. Living the easiest, simplest way, with whatever you have been given by your parents and your character created by family and school or challenging yourself to become something more. Besides, no, that doesn’t necessarily mean a more complicated life. Nevertheless a richer one.


Actually, I would say with 100% certainty that everyone has challenged themselves at least once in a lifetime. Who didn’t start dieting at some point? Throw stones. You see? Everyone. However, some people give up so quickly, even before they can reach for the first fruit of their hard work, as a result of being too blind to see those flowers on trees. Even kids know that those transmute into fruits after some time. That is from your own work if you’re patient enough. Isn’t that a good thing?


The best thing about it is that you can challenge yourself every day, every hour and every minute. Also, you can make almost everything into an objection, which, for example, can make even cleaning the dishes exciting (and faster). It’s better to start off easy, with small, little things that are prone to control. Let’s say you will do 10 squats daily. That’s a jokingly small amount, but imagine doing that for half of the year. Nice butt, huh? Well, it’s like that with almost everything. Because masterpieces require work and time. And time, as everybody knows, will pass anyway, the only thing you need to do is to work. Sometimes more than we want to.


However, everything, quite sadly, has two sides. Its own “dark side of the moon” (cheers if you get the reference). You have to know that not everything can be achieved: therefore not every challenge is worth trying due to the consequences it can provide later. If you can’t run, you shouldn’t make a challenge to run a marathon. It’s sound like the dullest example, but you get the point. Some things have to be taken with a little bit of distance and previous reflections.


Nevertheless, you should take some risks in life. Do a new thing, start doing something daily, try the chinese food. Challenge your brain. They say that if you don’t challenge your mind, then you technically stop growing. And as everyone knows, nothing in life should be stopped, because life is like a river. It moves forward, so if you’re standing in one place, you could get hit by some branch and fall. And then drown. You get the point. There’s one wise quote from Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, around 65-8 BC) “The peasant waits until the river shall cease to flow, but still it glides on and will glide on for all time to come.” So, we just have to keep on going. In our own time (not joining the “rat race”).

I hope you liked this post. I’ve spent quite some time recently reflecting over selv-improvement which made me write this post and the previous one (if you didn’t read it, it’s been up since one week, so posted quite recently). I’m of course not the right person to tell anyone the right way to live their life: I’m just here to share my opinion on this particular matter.

Have a nice week everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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