Summer in Norway.

Midnight Sun. Sunsets that lasts longer than a single quarter. No crickets, therefore silence covers every night (that’s not a night). People with way too big pieces of luggage filling up every train, no matter the direction. Summer in Norway.


Blue sky with its fellow clouds, every day looks like a daydream. It did rain sometime, maybe like three or four times here and there in June, and one day in July. If you would imagine perfect weather for summer in Norway, you could see this.


Bunch of flowers by the Mjøsa coast is enough to decorate it with those purples, whites, and yellows. By the main beach, it’s noisy, a lot of people came out of houses to lay half-naked on the blankets, while their kids are attempting to swim in the lake. Between all those people there are seagulls, trying to get some free food if it’s possible. It’s easy to get out of this summer noise – only five minutes walk to the Domkirkeodden, a place filled with trees, old Norwegian houses (that are part of the museum) and what is the most important – an empty coast.


The best place to spend the afternoon – grabbing a book or a notepad, something to eat and a coffee seem to be the perfect solution to boredom. When the weather is perfect as it is recent months – you can try to go inside the lake, where the water is so clean you can see all the bottoms. And it’s not that cold!


The daytime is so extended, that you can work anytime, which is good if someone is doing creative stuff. Especially when it comes to drawing, where, in my opinion, it’s the best to do it with natural light.


You don’t need to go far to take good pictures, you don’t even need good gear. Those three above I shot with iPhone 6, which isn’t any professional camera. When something is pretty enough, the tool is only a tool.


The prettiest of all times, sunsets in summer. I have seen those winter ones, and trust me, it’s something else now. It looks like for those months sky dressed up in another hemisphere, richer in colors and wider. When you look up those hours, your gaze can sink in, and it’s hard to look back.


On a way home from work I don’t meet many people, it’s only me, and from time to time I can see those Norwegian cows, slowly pasturing while quietly observing me on my bike.


Days doesn’t end, you have to end them yourself, by blocking out windows with heavy curtains. Sometimes when enough clouds gather in the sky it gets a little bit darker, but still, it’s not the night I remember from my country.


Summer in Norway is special but at the same time, it’s quite normal. Everyone has its own perspective on things so you can look at it as you want – I prefer to call it special. Not only because it is how it is – quite different from all the summers I remember. But also there’s a person that made it even better.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked this little post. It’s nothing special, just gathering of thoughts, more or less. Have a nice week everyone and see you on Saturday!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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