Couple of January thoughts.

As the month is coming to an end, I find it quite important to reflect over it. Here we go:

  • stress

There are many things that affect me, but there’s nothing that have more impact on me other than stress. Last time I cut my hair in October (plus coloring) and since then my hair is literally… 1 cm longer? And we’re in January 2021? Not to mention headaches, bad sleep or biting around nails. I know it’s not something you just get rid of, but more likely you fight with it. I remember that exercising and stretching always helped me with massive stress, so I order myself some gym set for home (I could easily use old ones but I need some kind of motivation, you know).

  • blog

I really would like someone to tell me what to write, because as much I have a lot of ideas in my head, all of them on paper seem kinda bland. You know, like a coffee with too much milk, that’s how all this gonna be, if I will just start to write whatever is in my head. I started this blog with amazing trip to Bergen and then next year went to Croatia, Spain, and the following year to Dublin etc. and now what? I can’t travel, my surroundings (neighbourhood towns and cities) are bland as well (at least for me) so it’s hard to do any tourism. Any suggestions?

  • headaches & chocolates

In all honesty, while January for the most is the month of a change diet wise etc., for me it was a complete fall in this area. Sometimes I’m able to push myself into some carrot etc., but it’s very difficult, because of my sweet tooth. Herregud (my god), if only I could switch sweet tooth for salty tooth. But the amount of chocolate I’m consuming is terryfing, it’s a miracle I’m not fat yet…

And about headaches, I suffer from quite many recently. I wonder if it’s because of my eyesight or my diet or something more serious. Will give it couple of days, if it won’t change gonna do some doctors appointments. Gonna be honest with you guys, I kinda hate the doctors’ at the moment. I have been to so many in 2020, that I would like to have a doctor-free year. Please.

Anyway, how was your January? I hope you guys have it better than me (haha), because I’m literally having enough of so many things. Like this current world situation, constantly changing the rules (I don’t understand any of them anymore) and just how things are lately. Let’s cross fingers for February!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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