4 days in Bergen – Arriving [1].

The moment I have heard of this magical city, I wanted so badly to go there, that I came home and booked myself tickets. Yes, that sounds crazy, but for me, if I didn’t do something spontaneous, I probably wouldn’t go anywhere. And, to be honest, tickets to Bergen with WizzAir are really cheap, and I didn’t need to think more about it. The second thing I did was to find someone on Couchsurfing to take me for those 3 nights.

My flight was from Gdansk, so that was a double trip for me – I needed to transport myself from Szczecin to Gdansk, and then from Gdansk to Bergen. So, the moment I got on a plane, was I so tired! Furthermore, the plane set off around 4 pm.


The flight wasn’t long. It took about 1,5 hours and the view was so beautiful, that I was shocked when we finally landed.

Bergen has a really small airport, and everything is so well described that it took me around ten minutes to figure out how to get to the city center. Because you must know one think about Norway airports – you always need to get somehow to the actual city. It’s always around one-two hours. For me, with bybanen (city light rail) it was 40 minutes, so really good. And in those bybanen you have really nice, big windows, so you can see a lot of “suburbs beauty”. And in Norway – I my opinion – the suburbs are really nice, not poor-looking.

You must know that I arrived there on the 17th of May, so, basically, I was REALLY spontaneous here. Because it’s the biggest public holiday in this country, even bigger than Christmas holiday. Everybody wore their national clothes, their best makeup and were really cheerful. (and drunk). The most happen in the morning, so around 6 pm, there wasn’t a lot to see, besides those colorful people. I met with my host the moment I arrived and we walked around the city a little bit.


So we basically walked around the heart of Bergen – Lille Lungegårdsvannet, which is a really cute, big pond situated in the centrum. On normal days everyone who lives here comes here to chill and meet up with their friends. Really nice place!

Then the weather started to be really bergenish (read – rain, rain, and rain of course) so we went to the host’s home and cooked some nice dinner. So good was it!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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