4 days in Bergen – Misty Mountain [2].

So…all people make mistakes. So do I.

I woke up after not-so-good sleep (I never sleep well in unfamiliar places) and ate some cheap yoghurt. I thought it was really nice morning and the moment I went outside, I didn’t change my mind. There was some clouds around peaks of mountains, but that’s all.


When I arrived to the city (around 15 minutes by bus) I basically jump into turist information and bought myself Bergen’s turist card. Not to say, that I got lost few times and went in wrong direction, but with some help from townsfolks, I made it. After taking some maps and hints, I went for the biggest attraction in Bergen, old Bryggen.


These old buildings are from around 1360 and were mainly german offices (look: The Hanseatic League). Its free to walk there and I must say, I was really shocked by those narrow passages between those old-as-hell buildings. Unfortunately, it’s very small area. Nearby the Bryggen there was Håkonshallen which was the king Håkons main building/hall. I recommend going there, it’s really well preserved.


After this I went to all museums that were nearby. As I was walking around, looking for interesting places, I found Fløibanen, which basically takes you to the mount Fløyen. I thought – why not?. And there comes my mistake. It was so misty up there!


So, yes, it was pretty stupid idea. But I took some awesome pictures in the forest, so it’s not that bad in the end.

When I went back to sea level, I went for real adventure – searching for one of the oldest stave churches in Norway, which is called Fantoft stavkirke. (fun fact – I was talking with norwegian who lives there and he have never seen it!). It’s a christian church but it still has some aspects from vikings age. For example – those dragons. Dragons were good symbols, so they put it on the churches.


In the evening my other friend from couchsurfing wrote to me and invited me for some tea. We had some good talk and then we went to the city centre again, because he wanted to show me the best place for watching sunset. So nice was it!


It was worth waiting for, so beautiful! After this, I went for a short walk and then got back to my first host to catch some sleep.


Author: againorway

student, Norway-lover, artist, dreamer, book worm

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