2 days in Oslo.

Exploring new city usually starts when you arrive. But when it happens after 5 pm, it can be really hard. So you began to just wander around new places, looking like child who got their candy. Every building and every person mesmerize you, and you try to capture everything in one breath. Then the night suddenly comes and you set your alarm at 7 am, so you can see everything tomorrow. It’s the only time, when the hour on the alarm doesn’t upset you, but exictes you.

Oslo Sentralstasjon

The first thing you need to get yourself in Oslo is OsloPass, which is the same as in Bergen. I got myself 24 hours, because basically, i had only one full day, and a scratch of the day before. You can visit about 30 museums in the city and use public transport as much as you need. For 24 hours it costs 395 NOK (for students its 20% off)


First thing you may want to see is a Vikingsskiphuset which lays in little island called Bygdøy. You can take bus form the centre of the city (form every place I think). In this museum you basically can see original vikings ships (3 of them) and you won’t pay anything with the OsloPass.


Next to the Vikingsskiphuset is Frammuseet which is the Museum of Polar Expeditions. Basically everything in this museum is based on the Fridtjof Nansen and Amundsen’s expeditions and there’s their famous ship (whole ship) called ‘Fram’ (this is why this museum is called like that). I will write about them in the future, because they have really interesting story, which is an important piece of Norway’s history.


Its always worth to wander around places, even if on the map there’s nothing interesting to do here. Walking around Bygdøy I had found a lot really mesmerizing spots, which is nice for photography. Unfortunately I didn’t have any good camera, so this is what I could get from there.

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

One who visits Oslo must hike on the amazing ‘Den Norske Opera & Ballett’ building. It’s absolutely stunning, really modern-looking, but also the view from there is breath-taking. And it’s free to go there as well.


Oslo have a lot of little, beautiful spots, despite that it is really modern-looking city. You need to walk these streets and feel the city as it is. Because visiting and exploring museums is a way to get to know the place better, but if you want to feel it like inhabitant does, you need to walk to unknow.




I really recommend walking by the coast, starting from the Opera. You can always see these big, beatufiul yachts and if you’re lucky you’ll see market with traditional things (when I was, there’s was market with things form all the countries, internatonal kind of).

Akershus fortress

When walking along the coast, you will finally get to the famous Akershus fortress, which is a medieval castle and royal residence. With the OsloPass you can get there free.


Before taking myself to suburbs, I noticed some good spots for photography. This one really shows the modern aspect of the capital.


After exploring the main parts of the city, you can take a breath and go to this amazing park, Ekebergparken skulpturpark, which basically is a park with weird statues, which may creep out someone, but still are worth checking out. Its near the city and you can get there by tram. Near this park there are also some good spots for photography, so I recommend wandering around (as always).


After really long day of long walking and exploring I just went to a random pub in the city, to get myself some beer and chill. No surprise that I paid around 60 NOK for a beer! Norway in a nutshell, I guess.

Oslo is the city for everyone, it has its modern pieces, its historic background and beautiful spots for photography-lovers. Maybe not the city for beer-lovers, but still, worth visiting.



Author: againorway

student, Norway-lover, artist, dreamer, book worm

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