Hamar – first impression.

It’s… small. Really small, about 30,000 folks live here. But some people say that small is beautiful, and they’re absolutely right. In Norway you probably can’t find an ugly city, it’s just impossible. It’s like – å lete etter en nål i en høystakk – looking for a needle in a haystack.


The city is placed in the west direction from Oslo, about 1 hour by train. You just have to take train that goes to Lillehammer. It’s really nice-located, by the really big lake called Mjøsa, which you can see on the photos. There’s a lot of little, cute piers here, where you can sit and relax. Many locals just come here to swim, even if the water is cold. The lake is like a diamond for the city. Many tourists came here just for the amazing view and water.


And there’s an IKEA really close to the city, you just take one bus and there you are. It is known that in IKEA you can get really cheap the most necessary things like cups, plates or towels, so it’s good if some students want to visit/study in this city.


I’m here only from thursday, but I have already noticed that people here are really nice and you can often catch them smiling at you for no reason. I thought that Norwegians in general are cold people, but somehow it’s not true. Mostly, like in all cases when it comes to stereotypes.


I really like this sky-effect on this one picture. I know it’s changed a little in photoshop (only the colors to be honest) it’s still nice.


The city is full of little, norwegian houses which are beyond cuteness. If you want to look at real small city in Norway, and you happen to be in Oslo, take a train. It’s really worth it, and the tickets are affordable.

Have a nice weekend.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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