Fridays with Norwegian #8 – idioms.

Since the last post was so well-received, I thought why not write down more idioms. Next week I will do graphic summary of all idioms, so you guys will be able to download it and learn from it more easily.

  • å bite i det sure eplet – bite the bullet
  • å puffe til noen – poke someone
  • å fordype i ei bok – to immerse in a book (to dive)
  • å gå over bekken etter vann – to carry coal to Newcastle
  • å slå to fluer i en smekk – to kill two birds with one stone
  • å stå som sild i tønne – to be packed like sardines

Hope you guys will have a great weekend. See you soon.


Author: againorway

student, Norway-lover, artist, dreamer, book worm

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