More about me – drawings.

I know this blog supposed to be about Norway and only Norway. But hey – it’s my blog, so there’s no rules after all. Drawings, and art in general, have always been a huge part in my life, even though I never pursued it in any art school. Just as a hobby, but, besides Norway, one of the biggest.


I love drawing most of the things. Recently I was drawing only mountains, but I do still nature, people, animals and abstract too. It usually depends on mood, ideas and environmental impact. The thing that often gets me started is music.


I also paint sometimes – but unfortunately here in Norway I have no painting-equipment, so I have to stick with drawing. I think I’m little bit better in drawing than in painting, so it’s for the better I guess.


It’s not something big – but I still love doing it. If you want to find more of my drawings/paintings you can check:

my deviant: areneith.deviantart

my instagram: areneithart

And I think you can always search name: Areneith, it’s my artistic pseudonim.

Hope you all have a nice day !

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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