Trondheim – arriving & first day.

In my last post about packing for a trip, I didn’t mention where I will go. So here you go, Trondheim, Nidaros, Kaupangen, City of Kings. Located in the North-East of Norway, in Sør-Trøndelag county.

I and my 2 friends decided to try NSB trains, and choose a direct train from Hamar to Trondheim. The whole journey was from 3pm to 8pm for approximately 5 hours. Really comfortable journey, free w-fi, and the train was pretty silent, so falling asleep could be easy even for those who can’t sleep while on a train.

Our host from Couchsurfing took us from the train station and show us a beautiful night view of the city. Unfortunately, my camera can’t handle the darkness, so that’s all I could get from it.


Our trip was from Thursday till Sunday, however, we had only two full days to spare. So it was quite hectic and we took a lot of photos. Starting from 7am.

Walking by the east side of the city, we finally got to Old Town Bridge, which in Norwegian is called Gamle Bybro and is from 1685. It looks quite interesting. Also, the view from it is astonishing as well.


Walking around, completely unaware of the city plan, we somehow ended up by the Nidarosdomen, which is a famous gothic cathedral from 1152. It’s the biggest temple in whole Norway and a place where Olav Haraldsson den Hellige (Saint Olav) was buried.



After that, we decided to try City Bicycles which costs 70 NOK per 24 hours and a deposit. It’s a pretty functional thing, it makes sightseeing a lot faster, especially when you have only two days. You can get the card to loan bikes n the Tourist Information Office.

After that we rode to the museum NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet: Middelalder i Trondheim, which is basically a Middle Ages museum. Because of the offseason, we couldn’t get everywhere, but one exhibition was open. Fortunately, we went there for free, because our Visa cards didn’t work. How lucky!



After this short visit to the museum, we went to the coast by bikes and then to Kristiansten Festning, which is a famous fortress of the city and has an amazing view over the whole area (and you don’t have to pay for that).

It was about the final point of this day. It was too late to do more museums, so we basically went to a pub called “Cafe Dublin” for one beer. Really cozy place, with Irish music and Irish decorations. The next pub we visited was “Den Gode Nabo” which is located by Gamle Bybro. Both are worth visiting if you’re craving some beers/

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