Trondheim – Second day & Leaving.

We started our second day with tour guide through Nidaros Domkirke (Cathedral) which we managed to get for free (because of some misunderstanding). However, for students the price is 50 NOK, so if we had to pay, we would do that, it’s not that expensive.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pictures inside the Nidaros Domkirke, the only pictures I have is from the front (in the first post). After this visiting, we went for a rather quick tour through closest museum called “The Archbishop’s Palace Museum”.

We needed to be quick, because the tour guide for Munkholmen (little island alongside the city) was starting at 12:30 pm, and the museums open around 11:00 pm.


Normal price, according to the website, is 90 NOK, but since it wasn’t season, we got the full price and our tour was kind of “private”. So tips for anyone who wants to go to Norway – if you’re looking for best prices and more exhibitions, go in season.



The whole journey took around 2,5 hours, which contains 30 minutes on the island. We went thorugh the east side of the city, under the Gamle Bybro, so the view was quite amazing. Munkholmen itself is located in the north part of the city and you can easily see it from the coast.





When we went back to the city, we decided to go to the Rockheim musem, which is the museum of music, especially Norwegian music. However, when we were walking to our destination we noticed an old building full of things, called “Tordenskjold Armoury” located really close to the Bus Station. It was really big, packed with a lot of antique things, among others: paintings, armchairs, clothes etc.


The Rockheim Museum was fortunately open till 7 pm, so we had plenty of time to visit it. It wasn’t really expensive, for adults it was 130 NOK.


In this museum you had plenty of places to experience music in different ways: you could play it itself, get some headphones and listen from a computer or listen about its history. I really recommend it for everyone who loves music.

After this, we went to our host from Couchsurfing and did some kayaking and cards. (Yes, we were kayaking in the darkness, the best experience ever).

We were leaving next day at 11:00 am with a bus. We decided not to take train to decrease price and see other things than when taking a train.





And that’s it for the Trondheim. There will be also a short-landscape-ish video soon, but I don’t have time to edit it now. Coming soon anyway!

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend so far.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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