What I love about Norway.

One person told me: why care going to Norway, when it’s so expensive? Well, I asked myself that question few times, but money never win. Norway is too beautiful.


Nature is a main reason people visit this country. I have always been keen on spending time outside, walking on forests paths, running or just staring at green world outside, so big and wild country such as Norway was really appealing to me. You don’t need to take bus for one hour to get to the nearest forest or lake or you don’t have to plan a weekend few months ahead if you want to hike some mountains. Norway is created for outdoor live. If you want to look closely at the nature of Norge, you should check out a famous painter from Bergen, Johan Christian Dahl, whom main concern were landscapes.

You can see his paintings in KODE – the Arts Museums of Bergen.

Music and by that I mean folk, Sami, raw, traditional music that truly shows the soul of Norway. (the names will transfer you to their music on YouTube) Among others: Mari Boine (yoiks, folk, jazz), Niko-Mihkal Valkeapää, (yoik, folk), Karl Seglem (instruments folk), Jan Garbarek (jazz, folk, instruments), Wardruna (folk, ambient), Skuggsjá (folk) and many, many others beautiful artworks and artists. I’m planning to make another post just for the Nordic Music.


Way of living. More specific – Friluftsliv, which means, following Norwegian wikipedia, physical acitivity in the nature. I mentioned this before, however, there’s way more to that. I remember one time, when I was climbing Mountain Ulriken, I saw people in their late age, running and climbing like they were in my age. And in that exact moment, I knew that Norwegian know what they’re doing. They spend a lot of their free time just exercising, going to the famous hytte on the weekends, just to unplug from the virtual world. Furthermore, in Norway you have the freedom to camp wherever you like – a thing we have not in my country. I never imagined before that you could go wherever and just put up your tent in the middle of nowhere, without any warrants. That is a freedom.


History, the really bloody and dark one, which brings you up to the medieval times, the Viking Age. All the astonishing museums, all the beautiful artifacts of past times are what I enjoy the most, when I visit new cities in Norway. The stave churches, which only 28 stands fully to this day; the viking ships, which you can see in the Vikingskipshuset in Oslo. If one enjoys history as much as I do, can find a lot of brilliant pearls in whole country.

However, I still love my own country, of course. I wanted to show how I perceive this one, which I’m currently living in. I hope some of you agree with my statements.

Hope you all have a great week.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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