News from Norway – Arctic oil drilling agreement & Trump anti-eco.

So as we can read in euronews, there’s has been an agreement, which can have huge environmental effect.

A double blow for environmentalists fighting global warming as a lawsuit to block drilling in Norway’s Arctic region is defeated

What does it mean? Basically the money won, and Greenpeace actions were defeated. There’s going to be the oil drilling in Norway’s Arctic region.

A case, brought by Greenpeace and the Nature and Youth Group, had argued that a 2015 oil licensing round in the Arctic that gave awards to Statoil, Chevron and others violated people’s right to a healthy environment.

But the Oslo district court said the government’s oil and gas plans were acceptable and ordered the environmental groups to pay the state’s legal costs of around 60,000 euros. Greenpeace said it would decide whether to appeal within the next two weeks.

The leader of Greepeace Norway, Truls Gulowsen, said:

The case has contributed to raising awareness and given the environmental clause [of the constitution] real weight.

Generally speaking, the case is really bad and I personally don’t think Greenpeace can do something here to change the agreement. When it comes to possibility of gaining more, the thoughts of nature goes to the second or farther plan.


So, as you may, or may not know, actual president of USA is clearly against the idea of global warming, calling it even the concept and bullshit. Here are two of his tweets that he posted in past few years.



And one that he posted just recently, in last year:


And I don’t really want to judge him as a president, but as a person, he’s really uneducated in this area. He’s basically judging the whole aspect of global warming’s existence by one colder winter in USA. I won’t even bring up the fact that this country doesn’t equal the whole planet Earth, which he’s basically assuming here (or he just doesn’t care). I myself live in Norway, however I have spent few weeks in Poland for Christmas and I must tell that there’s no winter here at all. In fact, it’s more like autumn here, which is odd itselft, because we had good winters in December in past few years. So if there’s nothing going on, then why is that happening?


Back to the topic, Trump not only wants to drill oil in nearly all offshore waters in USA, but also he wants to open more than a billion acres in the Arctic and along the Eastern Seaboard. If it comes to the reality it will crush the environment situation and all the things that have been done before to protect the Arctic territory.

It is really sad that there are decisions or even just ideas like that, where we have all the knowledge about what will happen afterwards, after decisions come to the reality. I made this post not to spread hate about Trump, but rather to raise awareness about ecological problems that we must face now.

Hope you all have a nice week.

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