The Earth Hour – today at 8.30 pm.

Hi guys! This time something a little bit different, just a little note here. Today everyone around the world is celebrating the Earth Hour, an hour without any electricity. I courage you to take part in and turn off your lights at 8:30 pm at your local time. Let’s make a difference today. If you want to check also my post of ways to be more ecological, check this out:¬†Ways you can be more ecological today..

You can read more about the Earth Hour on:

Tomorrow will be a normal post, so stay tuned. Hope you guys have a good weekend!

Ways you can be more ecological today.

When I was writing the post about minimalism, I was thinking a lot about its ecological side. As I wrote – you buy less, which therefore results off less waste etc. But what can you do to be more ecological in one day, rather than in long-range timeline, with choosing good quality products that last a long time?

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News from Norway – Arctic oil drilling agreement & Trump anti-eco.

So as we can read in euronews, there’s has been an agreement, which can have huge environmental effect.

A double blow for environmentalists fighting global warming as a lawsuit to block drilling in Norway’s Arctic region is defeated

What does it mean? Basically the money won, and Greenpeace actions were defeated. There’s going to be the oil drilling in Norway’s Arctic region. Continue reading “News from Norway – Arctic oil drilling agreement & Trump anti-eco.”

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