Women’s Day in Hamar & life update.

My wishes may be one day too late, but better late than sorry – I wish you all happy women’s day, or in Norwegian: gratulerer med dagen, kvinner. But how was it celebrated in Hamar?

I, as a student in Høgskolen I Innlandet in Hamar, got invited to spend Women’s Day with local women in an institution called Ynglingen which means a similar word in English: youngling or youngster.  At first, I was quite a skeptic, because I have never attended this kind of event, especially not abroad. This was the poster.


But it came out to be a really lovely, cozy event, where women from all over the world came to celebrate, speak, eat and listen to an admirable band of young students. All the food that was brought was homemade by some of the women, which was a nice gesture. Few women went on stage and presented their history or a song in their mother tongue (for example from India), so it was quite eventful.

So if your city in Norway is doing an event on such day, I really recommend attending those. You can be positively surprised, as I was.

Life update

I’m currently in my second semester on Erasmus and I have my final exams in May, so in this period posts may be posted really random, without any scheme, which I apologize for. However, I plan to write something more about studying here, how the Easter looks like abroad (in Norway) and I plan to do something big on Norwegian Constitution Day – more info later. So stay tuned! And if circumstances allow me, I will do a hitchhiking trip after my exams are finished.

Anyway, I hope you guys will have a wonderful weekend. Have a nice Friday!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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