Que sera, sera.

No, I won’t write in Spanish, although it would be nice to know this language on such level. However, you may ask, what does it mean? Simply: whatever will be, will be.

This song is really, really old, a classic one I would say, from 1956. I believe everyone aged 20 or more should remember it from somewhere, or at least now this little saying “Que sera, sera” (if you don’t, don’t feel bad about that, as I mentioned, it’s quite an old song). If you aren’t a fan of this version, there’s also another version of this song, sang by Pink Martini, from 1997 (almost as old as me (!)).

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich?
Here’s what she said to me

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera


Have you ever sat and wondered: “what will be in a few days, few months, few years?”. Of course, you did, everyone did. It’s nothing new that we want to know what will be in the future if we will get rainbows or just constant rain. Is it healthy for mentality and when is too much?

This mentality, “Yolo mentality” like you could say to simplify the subject, took me a while to understand and live by it. It’s not a thing you just turn on in your brain like a magic red button you can see in cartoons, it’s something way more difficult. And for everyone changing their mindset could be more or less difficult, but in any case, it takes time.


It’s not about forgetting your responsibilities and “going into the wild” with crazy partying and stuff. It’s about not worrying about things you can’t control and not worrying too much in general. Those few spontaneous trips I have taken in my life taught me this lesson. Even if left alone, there were always solutions to anything. And if there’s a possibility of no solutions at all, then you’re wrong – every problem can be solved, no matter how big it is.

Let’s come with an example because everyone knows that brain works the best with cases from actual life (that’s why the relatable content on YouTube is the most popular). Let’s say you live alone, counting every coin, living from payment to payment (or as we say in Poland: from 10th to 10th). Suddenly, bah, you lost your job. No solution? Thousands of them! Going on a welfare, while looking for another job, asking for help your family, starting your own business… all you need to solve your problems is a little bit of creativity. That’s it.


Let’s just live our lives responsible but with a little bit of spontaneity. Because who knows what’s next? If it will rain, it will rain. If someone gets sick, he’s sick. You can’t prevent those things, therefore you shouldn’t worry about them.

I’ll call it “quesera-philosophy”, but you can name it whatever you feel like to – it’s not important. However, you should try it!

And last words from me on the subject: we can’t change neither future nor past, we can only change our present.

Hope you liked this quite different post than usual. I’m not any life coach, not even close to that, but sometimes I think about life, and then… I just have a need to write about that. So here you go. Have a nice week everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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