A couple of days in April.

It’s just the middle of April but a lot has happened. (PS: sorry for one day delay).

So far it was a very busy month for me. I considered a few times stopping blogging until I’m done with everything, but to be completely honest I really like to write on this platform.


I don’t enjoy making journals or diaries and this is my only way to let my thoughts flow in a way. Blogging is great, but of course, it takes a lot of time. And this I have quite a little nowadays.


I know I keep bragging about my bachelor here and there, but it’s really a lot of work and it won’t even be paid well at the end. But what have I started, I have to finish as well (or how they say this cliché). If someone needs a little close-up, it’s around 35 pages of literary analysis in the Norwegian language. So if I disappear suddenly from the blog, you guys will know why.


Those happy days went so fast as always. My partner came as always for one week and it passed like any other one day passes. It’s not even that we have done so much that it went so fast, we literally went a few times on city bikes and here and there to eat and drink. Weather was moody as always in Szczecin and we had only one full day of warmth and sun.


It was lovely though. We went also to Świnoujście, by the sea and German border to bath in aquapark, because the weather was so bad. And we haven’t bathed in quite some time so that was a nice way to spend free time (because luckily this week I didn’t have many lectures).


But now back to reality again. I can just thank my partner for taking my mind off work at least for one week. Better than nothing.

See you guys soon! (Hopefully, I don’t promise anything at this point). Have a lovely week!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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