A couple of days in May.

So far, May have been for me a month of constant stress, exams, and finishing bachelor. Right now I’m done with almost everything and tomorrow I’m jumping on a plane to Norway (just for a week for now) so it will be quite a short post. [bonus: pictures from 17th from Norway].

That’s how the weather was most of the time, so yeah, quite a sad month basically. It wasn’t much positivity going on most of the times, haven’t seen my partner for weeks now, was buried in a pile of books and notes and was sitting most of the time in the room or library. But it was worth it because right now I have peace, exams are passed, now is just waiting for the final bachelor exam.

Tomorrow (when you read it: today) I’m finally reunited with my partner, which I’m really happy about. As you could see from my previous posts, he visited me quite regularly, one week per each month, and now it didn’t happen. So now I’ll finally get the rest that I so desperately need. Constant stress and being sleep-deprived isn’t a way to go.


But while I was all busy and stuff, my partner got some pictures from the 17th of May in Norway. It’s from a small city called Våler, so it wasn’t much going on, but still.


Anyway, I hope you guys had a lovely 17th of May. A little bit late: gratulerer med dagen! Next year I will be definitely in Norway in some bigger city for this day.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone and see you on Wednesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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