Arvika, Sweden.

Because of mid-summer festivals around Scandinavia, we decided to head on Sunday somewhere in Sweden. So little did we know.


But first about the destination. Arvika is a very small, Swedish city which lays by the lake Kyrkviken. Even though it’s quite close to Norway, it doesn’t remind me of Norwegian small cities. Buildings in Arvika are definitely more “European style” (maybe just because Sweden is actually in EU).


Arriving in the city we expected some “Sankthans”-thing going on (mid-summer celebration), but we couldn’t be more mistaken. The city was literally dead.


Just a couple of old people here and there and nothing else reminded me a lot of VĂ¥ler, where I currently live. With a bitter taste of disappointment, we entered a well-known Espresso House for our usual flat whites. (You can find Espresso House both in Norway and in Sweden).


But the weather was very lovely and we found a cute little park full of colorful flowers. Most of them are probably there only for a couple of days because of the Scandinavian climate, so we were quite lucky I think.


A long drive, indeed, but it was a nice trip after all. It’s important to keep discovering new places and not get stuck in the monotony of everyday life. When you see new things, you always learn something.IMG_0253IMG_0248IMG_0256.JPG

I hope you all had a good weekend as well (although it was the previous weekend for me). See you soon!



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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