There’s a lake located in between my previous work and a city called Kirkenær. I always drove past it without any reflection on it, but this time I stopped to take some photos.


I didn’t check water but it looked hella cold. I mean what can you expect from a Norwegian lake, beside of course last year, when every day was like 30-ish degrees.


The problem with Norway is that it’s hard to take an original picture of all this nature. Every angle and every reflection on all the lakes was probably already photographed. But sometimes by not trying too hard, we get to the best results.


And sometimes we need to do something different than we do every day. Appreciate something that we usually just pass, without noticing. Or take non-identical way home, to see what’s around the corner.


Anyway, thank you guys for reading. See you soon with another post!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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