Dublin, Ireland [1].

Ireland, (Éire in Irish Gaelic) is a big Island next to the United Kingdom, but it’s not a part of it. It’s important to remember that, because not everyone speaking English is actually from England and Irish people might find that offensive.


However, technically not whole Ireland is just Irish, because Northern Ireland is actually a part of the UK. I won’t bore you with the history of how and why so here’s the link if you’re interested: link.


Our flight was ridiculously early, namely at 6:40 am, which means we had to go out of the house around 2 am. Basically, we didn’t sleep and we just (un)patiently waited until we can start driving towards the airport. Not to mention it was pitch black outside and in order to avoid some accidents with wild animals (We had a bad experience, maybe one day I will write about it), we wanted to drive slowly and carefully. Note: Norwegian country roads are rarely enriched with any kinds of lights.


When we landed, it was quite easy to orientate around the airport and after a couple of minutes, we found a shuttle to the city center (now we know we could have taken the bus almost directly to our accommodation but well. Bad research!) Next time will be better planned. I was in Dublin with my friend two years ago so I guess I was too confident about my city-knowledge.


We went off the bus on the O’Connell Street Upper, with a monumental “The Spire” straight in front of our eyes. It’s hard not to notice this thing. Because of no sleep, we were very hungry so we went for traditional (English?) breakfast to the Soma At The Spire (now you know why it’s named like that).


It was around 8/9 € for each portion, but it was enormous, so I wasn’t even close to finishing it. Of course, my partner cleaned everything from his plate/pan (it was literally frying pan with food on). How the restaurant worked was also unusual, because you order by the cash desk and they give you a table number and your drink on a tray that you have to carry yourself to the table. Frankly, a good idea for a very busy restaurant. Rate: 9/10.


Walking around many people with hand luggage was a no-no, so we decided to find a bus to our accommodation located in Tallaght. Honestly, I thought it was around 30 min by bus, but it took us a little bit more than an hour (if you take the train it takes 40 min). Our stay was called Clarendon Bed & Breakfast and is located here. I booked it on booking.com with this link. I will write and more about it in the second (which will be last) post, because I feel like I’m already writing too much here. Anyway.


After dropping our luggage at the stay, we headed back to the centrum, and it wasn’t long until we appeared in the “Temple Bar” area, the main pub-spot and maybe the most famous place in the whole city. I was quite surprised when I saw all those Christmas decorations but I expected crowds. We started with cheeky little Irish coffee though in The Temple Bar, which is the legendary pub of Dublin. If you don’t save your seat from an early hour you might have a trouble finding even a standing spot later in the evening in this particular pub.


For lunch/dinner we went to Beshoff Bros, which was one of the closest fisch&chips restaurant to the Temple Bar area. The food was nice, but we had to pay around 22 € for both portions. Once in a while why not. However, it was quite busy, so it was quite hard to find a place to sit.


After that, we went for a walk to Dublinia, a historical museum of Viking and medieval history. Then we grabbed some Guinness in the “Temple Bar” area and went shopping. I could write much more but this post is already way too long, so have to wrap it up here.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading it and stay tuned for part two! I hope you all are having a nice weekend so far.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

3 thoughts on “Dublin, Ireland [1].”

  1. This is so cool to read, looks like you had a great time! As a Northern Irish person, I really appreciate your awareness of the history and not mashing the two countries together as I know a lotttt of people that always offends! The whole of Ireland really is beautiful though😊

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