Black Friday? No, thank you.

Even though I’m in Norway, a country where prices make you quite a minimalist themselves, but still if you’re online, you get attacked by Black Friday.

A simple ad on facebook promoting delicious discounts on smartwatches, maybe 50% or maybe 80%. Free shipping, you just need to fill up gaps and it’s yours in no time. Then under that eBay and Amazon fighting for their positioning on your wall, with all their “cheaper” products.

There’s nothing wrong with buying cheaper products. Like there’s nothing wrong with giving love cards on Valentines. But if you really need something, you buy it no matter what’s the date, rather than waiting for the end of November. If you want to show love to someone, you wouldn’t wait for the 14th of February.

My point is, that Black Friday leads people to buy unnecessary stuff, things that are said to be discounted but the price is simply manipulated, etc. Here in Norway, they do even discounts on Christmas deco before December starts, and no one should believe that those things are actually discounted. It’s like buying a winter jacket in November on a discount and buying it in January. Which price cut makes more sense for the shop owners?

If you need something or are on the hunt for Christmas gifts, there’s nothing wrong with using Black Friday in this case. Just remember to be smart about it and compare prices pre- and after discount.

I hope it wasn’t too negative, but I had to write something about it, especially since we’re currently in “Black Week”, or whatever it is. Remember, quality over quantity, and sustainability over mass produced stuff. See you soon and have a nice week everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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