2019’s recap.

Exactly one year ago (maybe one day difference) I did 2018’s recap. So to follow the “tradition”, here are the last 12 months.


January at the beginning was very nice, because of very fresh memories from unforgettably good Christmas and New Year. But then with time, it became a quite irritating month, especially since I had around 5 months more to do to be finished with university. Not much to look forward back then, lack of motivation and sad thoughts


It was way better. I got to spend the whole month in Norway with my partner, because of the winter break I had at uni. Well, I spend most of my time writing bachelor, while he was at work, but still, it was better than being squeezed in small 3-people’s bedroom in Poland. In February also I finally got to spend Valentine’s Day not alone. And let’s not forget about the Ikea trip which ended with me paying some traffic fine (don’t tell anyone).


For some reason, I don’t remember much from March, besides that my partner visited me for one week (like he did every month  (he enjoyed to travel as much as I enjoyed him visiting)) and that I was struggling a lot with my bachelor. Well, I had to also start fixing things for exams so it was quite hectic for me. If I remember correctly, I also went home for one weekend to visit my mom.


In April I cut my hair,  went home for Easter and finished writing my bachelor’s. I spent most of my Easter in front of the computer, so I didn’t have much family time, unfortunately. That was also the last time I saw my cat, but who would expect him to pass just before I come again to Poland…


In May I graduated (after almost 3 months of writing my bachelor’s and after individual exam session (because everyone else passed their exams at the end of June)) and I think that’s my biggest success of 2019. I managed not only to graduate, which I should be proud of, but also to do it earlier than the other so that I can be faster in Norway. Because everyone knows that distance relationships aren’t the best solution.


At the beginning of the month, I got my first job (which later turned out to be a fail), but I got it so quickly after moving to Norway that I’m still quite shocked. Besides working half-time, I and my partner went to Arvika in Sweden and a couple of times to our favorite hang-out place, which is Hamar. It was lovely weather in June.


Nothing really can beat the last year’s birthday celebration, especially since in 2019 I spent my birthday… at work. Well, at least it was already the second job, which means I moved on from something bad to slightly better. That’s progress.


Hard month. Already planned vacations for September ruined my work conditions a bit, so that was the last month that I worked full time (around 140 hours). Both me and my partner didn’t have much free so we were just at work and then resting at home, so there are not many pictures. In the middle of August, we moved to a new place, in Arneberg.


As if 2019 wasn’t tough for us already, we had an accident exactly on the way for vacations, so we lost a car (it was too expensive to repair it). But we still made it to the airport and eventually to France for around 8 days. Those weren’t the most relaxing vacations mainly because of the accident. Life goes on.


Work on weekends, staying at home in the week. Our work schedules (mine and my partner’s) are completely opposite, which means we are both stuck in the apartment most of the time. We have some ideas about where to go, but the only thing that we don’t have is time together. Hopefully, I will be able to change work very soon.


The highlight of the month was our lovely trip to Dublin in Ireland. That was a good relief, after being in one place for a too long time (we both like to travel a lot). It was a short adventure, but very eventful.


Besides the beginning of January, it was probably the best month of the year, because we could finally reconnect with family and I got to see Slovenian Christmas. Pictures will say more than words.

That’s it. We can only and always hope the next year will be better but we have to remember that we need to put work into the words. So I wish everyone a happy 2020 and I hope you all will have it better because there’s always a place for improvement. See you soon!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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