Too warm for winter.

The sky is blue, birds are singing and grass is looking greener than the last months. Is it February?

It’s very weird and to prove my point I will show video that I took two days ago, on my to work.

Snowing, like it should in February. But then came Sarurday, 6 degrees plus and everything became springish again.

I’m just observing everything and I feel quite helpless. What can I do? The damage to the environment is already done. We can only make it milder for the upcoming years, but we have to start doing something.

I’m quite in a hurry, writing this just before my work, but wanted to put this here. Just to show that even here at the top things are getting worse, climate wise.

Thank you for reading and see you Wesnesday!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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