Fear of flying.

Aviophobia, aerophobia or just flying phobia is one of the most common fears people have. I used to be quite ignorant about all this thing until I got it myself.

I have flown a lot of times, I would say at least 30 flights. My first one was when I was thirteen and I don’t really remember if I would be scared of the flying itself. My concern was my clogged ears (because of pressure) and I think that was the only problem. And I was flying just with some schoolmates, no parents, no family.


Then I had a flight to Dublin with a friend, then to Oslo with another friend and after that, I went completely alone to Bergen by plane. No fear of anything, I think I was in my top confidence back then. But anyway, I don’t remember being stressed by any turbulence or anything. However, I think it’s rather impossible to have absolute zero turbulence in so many flights in a row?

Then I had many connection flights for vacations, going back and forth to Norway, etc. Still don’t remember any trouble during flying. Until one day. One day that turned me into possibly the most anxious traveler. Destination Dublin – Oslo, November 2019.


I know it sounds dramatic but for me it hella was. I remember when the flying attendants went out with food trolley (or whatever it’s called) and they had to go back halfway, because of how bad it was. It was a blue sky, maybe a couple of clouds, but it didn’t seem like it will be such a nightmare. But I guess we went into some air pocket or something. Thank god I was flying with my partner, so he could distract me a bit. But I definitely had a mild panic attack.


I didn’t stop flying since then. I live abroad, which means I kinda have to fly more often than the others. But since this terrible Irish flight, I have been noticing all the turbulences, all the nuances about every single plane I took. And it’s not that the turbulences started just when I decided to notice them. They were there all the time because they are a natural part of the process of flying. In my head, it was something else though.


I think the best way to deal with that is to somehow regain control of the situation. Because in most cases, fear of flying comes from lack of control; that you can’t decide when you go out of plane, you can’t go out midair if you feel bad (like for example during a car trip). My “regaining control” is sitting by the window and concentrating on one static point, be it a wing, a turbine, a star or one specific cloud that maybe look funny. If there’s turbulence but you look at the wing and it’s very stable, then why would you worry?


Anyway, I’m just rambling too much so I will finish here. Let me know if you also have the same fear and how do you deal with it, because I must say my way isn’t 100% perfect. I hope you guys have a great week so far and see you on Sunday!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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