Little life update.

Some small changes have been going on so I decided to make a little post about what I’m up to and what’s going on.

I was thinking to go back to drawing for quite a while, and I got an idea, thanks to Instagram, to start something a little bit different: digital drawing. Well, for that one I needed a device, so I got myself, quite expensive to be honest, tablet. I know people will think now that I’m full of money or whatever, but it’s just savings. If I wouldn’t save money for the last year or so, I wouldn’t buy it of course.


As you can see both the header image and the logo has changed, so it’s already have been useful. I’m trying to draw daily (only if I’m very tired after work I don’t do it), so hopefully in a couple of weeks, I will be able to post some drawings here without shame. But definitely expect some different types of content quite soon.


And from the other positive things, I got a “temporary” new job. As I can’t work anymore in my previous workplace due to the current world situation I found another job. It turns out it’s much better in every way, so I will try to switch them after all this sickness is done. If it’s possible of course.

That’s it from the new stuff. I’m doing fine, health problems are not so severe right now (but I’m thinking they might come back sooner or later) so it’s all going ok for now. I hope you all are doing fine also. Have a nice following week! See you on Wednesday.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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