The most important.

There’re couple of things more or less important but today I want to focuse on the most important ones.


We don’t take sleep seriously, especially when we’re kids, teenagers or young adults. Most of us went through phase when we thought that someone who slept only 3 hours and is going to school or work like normal is cool and edgy. If you had bags under eyes, lazy sweater put on and were having hard time concentrating on lectures it was all fine. You stayed up late, that means you had some fun. You have life right?

But then it goes weeks and months and you disappearing slowly. It’s no longer just lazy sweaters and under-eye-bags but also a sleep deprivation that’s more than visible. You don’t show up on lectures, you are late to work. You don’t go out with your friends because you just sat down on couch and you immediately fell asleep.

If you want to function 100%, you have to sleep. You want to be productive, healthy, awake, energetic and basically like all those Youtubers that you watch and think “I will never be like them”. Well, maybe start from the sleep? Just take the 8-hours one day. Go to bed at 10 pm without thinking it’s lame.


You might thinking that I’m kidding with this post today. “It’s all obvious!” you might think. Well, it isn’t. I remember when I was a student and I literally… forgot to eat. I was so into something, like reading or learning for a test that I just didn’t think “hey, I didn’t eat since 10 am… maybe it’s time for some lunch?”. My partner had to remember me from time to time to eat. Of course, when I was hungry then I eat, but many times we don’t feel hungry, because we for example drink a lot of water. Water fills up our stomach in a way, that the hunger hormone gets tricked.

Just go as simple as you can. 3 meals per day, nothing less. The rule is that you can’t skip any of them, you can only add. And of course you choose the time for eating which fits you the most. I like to eat my breakfast first thing in the morning, but for example others might have no appetite when they wake up. 3 meals per day without any strict rule. For those who like me forget to eat or are to lazy to cook it’m important to have any rule.

mental health

We all get disturbed by things in our life. Something bad happens, we are let down and we are caught up in the bottom. Sometimes it’s just small things that ruin our day and we don’t feel good. It’s important to have a mental health check. I don’t mean doctor – with yourself. Turn off your phone for a day (when you have a free day of course, everyone needs phones at work) and just put it somewhere hidden so you won’t have the constant urge to use. When we’re feeling down or blue it’s important to stay away from the social media. On the internet everyone’s showing off their best self, which means only happy and successful moments.

And those comparasments are the worst thing you can do, while feeling blue. They’re all look happy, why I’m the only loser here, feeling sad and down? They just don’t show us the reality.

Ask your friends how they are, go to the cinema or to restaurant, organize your wardrobe. Just forget about media, internet and all those fake people out there. Be real.

Anyway, that’s it from me today. I hope you enjoyed my little list and see you soon with another post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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