Christmas in Norway & decaf.

The news are old, but never took time to write about it here so here we go!

Generally speaking this year was a big change and a big disappointment. From the positive notes I manage to switch my career little bit for the better so that’s good. But we won’t write those big things here. I mean, I literally started to drink a decaf. Decaffeinated coffee sounds like a alcohol free beer, but they both have the same principle – keep the taste without the bad influence. And I love it, because now I can drink 2-3 coffees per day without having racing heart or nausea. The same with beer. You wouldn’t imagine that in those 2-3 years I would cut so much on alcohol.

Nowadays it’s barely one beer per month (or a glass of wine perhaps). Don’t get me wrong, I love myself a good old pint of beer every now and then, but for the simplest reason as health I will rather pass on it (and I’m saying it as a person who went out every weekend like 2-3 years ago).

And about Christmas… It’s all downhill this year. Since I’m with my current partner, we have been doing half of Christmas in Poland, half of it in Slovenia. Now none of us can travel due to the current global situation, so we are just stuck here in Norway. It’s nothing bad, I get to work 24th and 23rd so that will be some good payment next month, but I kinda miss my family. Last time I saw them (very briefly also) in January.

I have many topics I would like to write about, so in ideal world you would get 2 posts per week from me, like in old times. But the times are quite bad and motivation seems like an old memory for some time already. Working where I work creates a lot of stories I could and would share with you, but that might take time for me to be able to write a lot again. I just miss travelling, getting inspiration from it and in general normal stuff. I even miss going to Oslo.

So let’s cross fingers next year will be closer to being normal. I need to wrap it up, because I’m literally going to work in around an hour (I know right, working on Sunday…) and cat is about to sit on my laptop again. See you again with another post and have a good week ahead!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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