Rainy days and what more.

I’ve been very quiet lately and it’s been raining (a lot) lately. Let’s catch up.

All this time “away” from blog I have been thinking about it daily. I couldn’t stop thinking – but what interesting do I have to tell? Any story, an interesting joke? I’m living through my work, everything else in my life has changed since the pandemic. I mean, who’s live didnt’t?

My cat has been very annoying lately (ok, at least last 2 months), waking both of us up around 4-5 am daily. And yes, that include the Sundays. But isn’t he adorable? I certainly won’t be having more cats in the future, but don’t worry, Miki stays.

And about the first picture – couple of days ago on the way from Elverum we stumbled upon like… 12 tractors in a row. On the main road. From what I understood it was some kind of protest, but we really had out patience tested down there. But I hope those farmers got what they wanted!

And to end this post – did you know that moose eats this way? I didn’t know it either, and if I was to see that in person I would probably think something’s wrong.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend and see you soon with new post!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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