Little bit elsewhere – a poem.

Polish original (mine of course) and then translated into English.

Głowo moja
Dokąd pędzisz? Gdzie lecisz?
Czy to w Słońca stronę czy
tam gdzie w polach się zioło kwieci?

Głowo moja
Jesteśmy sobie winni paru wyjaśnień
Ja idę prosto, a ty…
Czy to za sercem gonisz?
Czy to za rozumem ganiasz?
Ja w Słońcu nic nie widzę
Gdzie cię znajdę?

W cieniu siedzi pewnie,
jak za każdym razem
A ja sie głowie czemu
Czemu akurat w mojej głowie?

*** translation ***

My head
Where are you rushing to? Where are you flying?
Is it to the direction of the sun or
where the herb blooms in the fields?

My head
We owe ourselves a few explanations
I’m going straight and you …
you turn?
Are you chasing your heart?
Are you looking after the mind?
I see nothing in the sun
Where can I find you?

Probably it sits in the shadow,
like every time
And I wonder why
Why exactly in my head?


By the way, don’t worry, my head is fine. Poem is a form of expression, so it’s more of a mixture of feelings I’ve been experiencing lately. Being lost is the top one. I feel like I was floating in this space without any good emotions for a long time already, today was too much already, hence the poem.

Anyway, I hope you guys are all fine. I saw that we’ve got here some new readers (which, frankly, I didn’t expect at all, since I don’t post often at all), so feel welcome to explore this little blog of mine. Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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