I miss traveling.

It won’t be a self-pity type of text, neither it will be a tear-dropping sob story of how I have been stuck in one country for two years and going.

I may be a weird person, but I get very used to many things, be it work, places to live, or habits. So this change from traveling to no travel at all between 2019 and 2020 was drastic but I got used to it. I almost forgot about how it is to go abroad in summer, have some fun pictures, make memories, etc. But then I decided to make one post and use pictures from past holidays.

It’s very difficult in a way to see that you once had been among palms, beige beaches, laying on a colorful towel under the hot sun and the only problem that time was when to eat lunch and where. If you have never been to a place like that you don’t miss it. But once you had been – then you’re lost, I tell you.

The world has become more complicated than it ever was. We thought we could just close our eyes for a couple of days, months and it will be all the same as before… but the reality seems somehow different. Traveling was a big part of me since I’ve become legal to fly alone. It doesn’t matter that I would probably shake on the first plane after this two-year pause or have some kind of panic attack. The most important is that I would change the location. Breath different air. See different currency in shops, hear the local language and observe people whose life is so unlike mine.

Our brain works in a way, that’s kinda problematic. We always cherish the things we lost and we can’t have them anymore (for now), because at the time we had them, we were simply not grateful or aware of the things. I want to be clear that traveling is a privelige. The world has gone further in this century and more and more people can afford to go around, but there’re still folks stuck in their country because of finances. Or just simply because they don’t find traveling appealing, and that’s fine as well.

I’m really hoping that 2022 will be a year of Sun and travels for all of us. That we will make small or big steps out of our house and explore the possibilities. And nothing can stop us, no?

I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. Thank you for reading!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

One thought on “I miss traveling.”

  1. I completely understand! I am the same as you, I get use to and bored very quickly and always am finding new things to do, read or learn. Not being able to travel has really affected this side of me. Hoping 2022 will be kind to us all!

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