Why Norwegians are often late?

That’s an interesting thing. I always thought (yeah, stereotypes) that when it comes to Nordic folks, they like to be on time. I even read that somewhere, but unfortunately I don’t remember.

So last week I was talking with a Norwegian guy whom I just met, about typical Norwegian ‘things’. There were a party at pub which we wanted to go to and we were running a little bit late. So i asked him: “Shouldn’t we go now?” and he replied “There’s no need. We still have time”.

That’s when I asked about being late. He said that Norwegians are often late when it comes to events, concerts, friends meetings. I said that’s quite a rude thing to do. “No. Sometimes it’s rude to be on time”. And he told me that you can be on time, when you’re bestfriend with a host of a party. So therefore you can help them with preparing etc.

Norwegians told me that 5-10 minutes are okay, but don’t be on time. I think it’s quite an comfortable rule to follow, isn’t it?

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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