Minimalism – my philosophy.

Everyone usually has their philosophy – either generally on life, or more condensed, like on how to treat other or what to do in certain situations. Today, I will be sharing insight into my philosophy, which concerns most of the life aspects. Minimalism.

I wanted to write something about this for a really long time, but there were always thoughts: why? who would like to read about this? is it about Norway? But haven’t Norwegians this minimalistic esthetic when it comes to interior design? Yes, they do. And, after all, this blog should sometimes tell about more personal stuff. Stopping with the ramble, let’s just jump into it, (imagine jumping into Mjøsa lake, that would be something).

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

When you think about minimalism, the first thought is usually minimumsomething less. As simple as it is, it’s all about having less (things). Having is a key word here, because it’s applying to the materialistic side of life. I won’t delve into the 21st century’s problems with buying too much stuff, because everyone knows that and it’s quite depressing as it is. As we can’t do anything about that fact, we can do something about our way of living, with inspiring others along the way. But why even care? Let me explain.


Imagine a room, a house, with things you only need. Clean, open space without all the small or big useless stuff that people tend to collect through their life. Wardrobe with good quality clothes you know and like, and wear constantly. You never get problems with dressing yourself in the morning, when your wardrobe is full of nice and few pieces. Isn’t that a nice concept? Well, it can be real, if you start living with minimalism philosophy. You gain not only more space, which ultimately gives you clear mind, but you also save money. In a minimalism way of living, you don’t go binge shopping just to make yourself feel better. Also, when you buy good quality things, you don’t need to replace them as often. I learned it only lately – it’s better to buy something quite expensive but really fine quality.


Minimalism isn’t only about having less clothes or less souvenirs from your trips laying around the house and collecting dust. It’s likewise about environment. You don’t buy as much things, so you ultimately reduce waste, and you buy better quality things, usually with ecology production, with fair trade marks etc. That’s why I call it a philosophy, because it’s not only about freeing yourself, and bettering yourself, but also about the surroundings. It can appeal to a lot of aspects of life.


My own journey started few years ago, when I started to read about this concept. For some reason it felt so appealing to me, so I just jumped into the subject. However, I never had a chance to actually clutter my life, since I move a lot and therefore don’t pucharse many things. I simply carried this minimalism with me along the way, so I don’t buy stuff I don’t need etc. Now I have quite clear space with only necessary things. Cleaning have never been this easy!

I hope you liked my little introduction into minimalism. I didn’t want it to be too long, so I only mentioned the most important stuff. If you want to know more about it or watch nice productions about it, here are the links:

Hope you all have a nice (rest of ) week! See you soon.

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a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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