Minimalism // What I no longer buy.

I love minimalism. The philosophy of it, the tools it gives to everyone and the whole society around it. It’s not only about getting rid of stuff – but today I want to touch on this subject.

I wrote about this whole minimalism-idea in one of the previous post. However, I didn’t touch on this more specifically. And what is more important, I didn’t go personally in it – which here you might see for a change. Before reading through – everything I let go is good for me, but for other people may not be – it’s my own personal choice. So if you think I made a wrong decision or I’m just wrong, remember it’s my own perspective on this.



Here you might be surprised. I never was a type of woman who takes two hours in the morning just to make my eyebrows look perfect. I have nothing against those type of people, even more, I have quite some respect for them. Because how they manage their time is quite awesome. If I was to take two hours from my morning routine, then I wouldn’t eat, shower etc. Quite impossible to live like that for me.

Of course, I may be over exaggerating. You could have this one mascara and one lipstick and get ready in a few minutes. I sometimes do it too, but I don’t buy it anymore. I stopped wearing almost any makeup somewhere between July and August because of work and holidays and I just continued like that even after. Never have I ever felt better, freer and more confident than now. My skin isn’t perfect: I have a lot of acne now for a couple of reasons, but I’m not ashamed of it. Shit happens, as they say.

I own maybe two lipsticks, eyebrow mascara, highlighter and some concealer in a stick; everything fits in one small make-up bag. I don’t even have mascara anymore, and oh lord, my eyelashes have never been longer than now! Once I borrowed it from one friend and my partner immediately said that my eyelashes look really extended. In my opinion, worth it. And you spend so much less money.


cheap shoes.

Let me explain myself because this one here sounds quite pretentious. I’m by no means a rich person, I’m rather below average, a quite poor student that only recently started saving money. So why give up on cheap shoes when saving money? Exactly because of that reason. Don’t get me wrong; I used to buy the cheapest sneakers since I remember, looking only at the price tag, not at the quality or the material it was made of. Even when my mother suggested to get something better, I always said: “Why to waste money?” (I still have the problem to buy some more expensive things).

It’s because if I buy something poor quality, it usually won’t last long, especially when it comes to shoes. Those cheapest sneakers that I used to buy lasted me maybe three to four months and then I had to rebuy them. It means around three times per year I had to buy one type of shoes, instead of buying one good pair for one to two years.

Actually, I don’t know why I have never thought about that in this context before. It’s my partner that has opened my eyes: you use the same shoes every day, so they have to be comfortable and last long. He couldn’t explain it more logically. I tend to wear the same thing constantly if I really like it, so I never have many pairs of shoes. If I have only one, let’s say, spring/autumn sneakers, why not invest in something that lasts longer?


CDs and books.

I have maybe around 6 or 7 music CDs that I have collected since the high school times. Most of them were gifts, some of them I purchased myself – there aren’t so many anyway.  It was always too much money for me to buy one, If I came to do it, it was because of how much I enjoyed the band. But still – for a student on a part-time job it’s not affordable to buy CDs, even to go to concerts as often. Nowadays I just enjoy music on YouTube. Less stuff in your room, more money in the pocket. Simple.

When it comes to books: almost 90% of the books I own are gifts from people. This 10% is those type of literature you can’t get in the library. And I love libraries; I would spend a lot of my free time there If I have any nice one close to me (there’s one, but it’s more for the kids from nearest secondary school). So buying any books makes no sense to me, when I can just go to the closest library and grab what I need and just pay a funny amount of money for the library card.

I hope all this makes any sense because I was writing this when sick and quite tired after a run. But this type of post was in my head for quite a while – I had to put it out there eventually.

Have a nice weekend everyone! See you on Tuesday with a new post (sneak peak: it will be a quite different topic than anything I have written about before).

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a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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