Walk on a frozen lake.

No one ever wakes up and thinks: today is the day I will walk on a frozen lake. From the early childhood, we’re told that the frozen lake is the most dangerous thing in the world and you could die, drowning in the cold ass water. But I don’t really think Norwegians were told the same as me.


It’s quiet. Everyone went home to their families on Easter, so if the city is quiet, this lake should be even quieter, if it’s possible. First few steps are the most dangerous, because you have no idea – how many meters of ice, or even how deep is the lake. But after a while, you just want to walk and walk, because there’s something mesmerizing about the frozen lake.


Walking more in the center of the lake, you can hear the sounds of ice breaking far away, which really, sounds quite terrifying. It’s more like there’s a radio under the ice in the middle of the water with some weird music. However, it’s quite safe to walk on the lake, there are few people walking and tons of marks from skiing and footsteps.


So if so many people went there before, why should it be so dangerous, as we were told by our families a long time ago? I think it depends on the lake and on the country. In Norway, winter lasts really long, so if there’s any ice on a water, it’s really thick. Never go adventurous on frozen water just because it’s in Norway though – always check if there are any footsteps on the ground. And the ski marks, of course.




I recommend everyone to try it, it’s quite an experience. And the colors are truly beautiful, especially in the sunset light. If you want to feel like Fridtjof Nansen when exploring the North Pole or Roald Amundsen with the South Pole go there on the misty and cloudy day.






However, last time I walked there, the Mjøsa was already melting, in few places, there was a huge crack in the ice. So I don’t think it’s safe anymore. But you can always try next winter.

I will be back with more posts from Monday, so stay tuned! Have a nice weekend everyone.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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