Winter sport in Budor & NSB campaign.

Okay, I may not be a big fan of winter sports. Never went to the Alps for some skiing during winter holidays. The only “winter” sport I have enjoyed myself ever since is ice skating. But, thanks to my university, I know now, that there’s much more to enjoy.


Why university, you may ask. It happens that universities in Norway make events and trips for international students (at least once in a semester). However, since it’s more or less winter semester (I think it’s called “spring semester” for the irony of it), they brought us to Budor, few kilometers to the north from Hamar. It’s more or less like a skiing center, they have routes for cross-country skiing, alpine skiing (or downhill skiing), snowboard and for sledding. Well, I tried the first one and sledding.



The only thing that made me more positive about all the skiing thing, was that I wasn’t the only one “new” to this thing. And I wasn’t the only one to fall. A lot. I lost count at around 10 (don’t judge me, I’m not the best at sports). But at the end of the track, I found my technique to keep balance etc. which made it more enjoyable. Now, I recommend cross-country skiing to everyone. It’s so much fun!


Between sledding and skiing, we had some lunch, typical for Norway: yellow solo sodas, kvikk lunsj bars, crumpets with sausages directly from the grill. It was nice since the weather wasn’t the best, it started heavily snowing in the middle of the event and even though I had some layers, it wasn’t enough. And, silly me, I forgot my gloves. Trust me, don’t try forgetting gloves when going for some winter sports. It’s a nightmare!


It was a nice event to take part in, especially since I don’t know people who go for skiing, and I definitely wouldn’t go alone for something like that. It’s always easier if you know some Norwegians since most of them go quite frequently to do some winter sports.


I wanted to inform you guys about nice discounts that are now on the NSB website (if you don’t know, NSB is Norwegian transport/train concern. I didn’t want to make a separate post only for it, so I’m attaching it here. (disclaimer: it’s not an ad, I just want to share it with people).


The price is 199 NOK, which for some routes is beyond cheap (I bought some from Hamar to Stavanger for this price, where usually it’s around 800 NOK!). But how long is this campaign you may ask?


If you don’t know Norwegian: you can buy discount tickets between 4th and 16th of April. Those tickets have to be for routes between 11th of April and 17th of Juni. So if you want to grab a ticket for 17th of May (biggest holiday in Norway), you should definitely do it now, while the discounts last.

Here is the link to the NSB: website

If you need help with some translations etc. just ask in the comment section.

Hope you all have a nice week!


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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