What does it mean to be good.

Is there any reason to judge people by saying: that person is good, this person is bad? Should we do that? And what after all is good?

When you wake up, you first thought isn’t about others, it’s usually: how to get through this day. People are selfish creatures by nature, and nothing can change it. Yes, maybe in like hundreds of years we may mutate to the most empathic of animals on this planet, but it seems more like a dream of John Lennon. This kind of Utopia is most unlikely to happen, so we have to accept that we think about ourselves most of the time. And that’s fine. No one should be worrying about that. The problem is only when you stop thinking about anyone else besides you. You not only close yourself to other people but for the life experiences. Let me put a quote here from my favorite film Into the wild: “Happiness is only real when shared”. Well, it seems that some people tend to think that they can have everything and be happy all alone on their own island within their own land etc. How wrong they are.


But being good isn’t just thinking about others. It’s the actions you take, the words you choose, that put a smile on face, or just gifts that can make someone’s day way better. However, materialistic things aren’t the most important. We must not forget that in today’s wild consumerism lifestyle, where it becomes harder and harder to stay minimalistic with your own values.

Nevertheless, there are two sides of being a good person. You can be good to others etc., but if you treat yourself like your worst enemy, how can you be good after all? If you don’t live healthy, avoid any kind of sport, spend all the time alone in your room, don’t care about your mental health, who are you then? It’s not that you’re a bad person then. But if you truly want to be good, a better person, you need to care about yourself too. Being too selfless isn’t the best idea either.


Should we call people by good and bad then? Well, I think we should only use the word: good. I believe in second chances, and I believe that no one is just bad. Of course, people make mistakes, some bigger than others, but it’s often because they don’t know any better. You always have a choice, you sometimes just don’t notice that.

(That’s a video I came upon quite randomly on YouTube. It moved me so much, that I felt an instant urge to write something.)

So be good and do good things, and see how the world around you becomes better instantly. Have a nice weekend everyone! Sorry for the delay in my travel posts, but I have too many pictures to edit now. Hopefully, I will have one post done by the Saturday, so stay tuned!



Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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