Våler & Elverum.

I’m back! Sorry for not posting for a while, but a lot of has happened, among others some traveling. Firstly I was in Våler and Elverum. Quite briefly, without any sightseeing plan, but I got some pictures.


Both cities lie by the longest river in Norway called Glomma. It happened that recently the whole river flooded like mad, covering a little walking path and a small house by it. It wasn’t only in Våler, when I arrived in Elverum it was even worse, the drift was really strong. Fortunately, now it’s almost back to the normal size.


Våler is the smallest city in Norway I have visited (even smaller than Gjøvik), and of course, there’s not much to see besides closeness of the river (two minutes from the place I stayed at). But I have noticed that the smaller the city, the more open are people, randomly saying hi to strangers (which I have never experienced in Hamar or Oslo).


Elverum is approximately one hour drive from Våler. It’s a small student city (there’re few cities around Hamar that are also student ones, among others Lillehammer), directly in between road from Hamar to Våler. I visited a sightseeing place here called “Norsk skogmuseum” which translates to “Norwegian forest museum”. And it was what it was, I mean there weren’t like really old trees in cabinets with a long history to read, but a huge area with cute, little paths around old fishing cabins. There were also bridges across Glomma, which at the time was really flooded. It was quite scary to cross it!


Shortly after visiting those two cities I made a trip to Stavanger and Kristiansand, so if you want to see more traveling posts stay tuned! Don’t know yet when they will come up, probably next week.

Have a nice week(end)!

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