A walk to Haslemoen.

On a fine morning of last Saturday, I went out. I was in Våler back then, and there’s a really nice walking/cycling path to Haslemoen (and maybe further, I don’t know), so I said: why not. And I haven’t been on a lonely walk for a quite long time.


As I wrote some time ago: “some people say when you’re sad or stressed, go to sleep. I say: go for a walk”. Never I have been more right about anything in my life.


Recently I have been under a lot of bad thoughts and stress, which is never good in the long term. Therefore I decided that I need to go for a walk. Not the one to the store that lasts ten minutes. A 3-hours-long one.


I didn’t plan the route. I just enjoyed the lovely weather, the view around (which couldn’t be more “Norwegian” than that) and the free day that I had.

I was one the “Ranum” route

As I mentioned, I took the path to Haslemoen, my usual running route if I happen to be in Våler. Although I never go very far – this time I just was walking and walking, what it seemed to be, an endless walk. Passing every new corner I was just excited to see what’s next, so the time passed unnoticed.


I love those days. When I don’t have much “adult” things to do and I can just enjoy like I used to.


Go to nature, alone, with music in my ears. Every worry that I had just disappeared (like the summer in Norway apparently, no joke).


Hope you liked this little “walking” post. Recently I have been thinking only about travel posts or those quite serious ones that I forgot how much I enjoy writing about normal days like that one.

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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