My new place.

So I moved to Elverum lately (at the beginning of August; I should have made blog post earlier, however so much happened since the middle of July that I didn’t have “blog space” for it. You guys know I prioritize travel posts.


It’s nothing much. Maybe one square meter of my own little house, with a sofa instead of a bed, mirror, drawers, and desk with an office chair.


People may ask: why here? Well, I just need a place for exactly two months. How poor the conditions are, it doesn’t matter. And to be honest, I really like this place. It’s quite cozy.


A  quiet neighborhood, big garden, and closeness to the city center as well as to the river Glomma (the longest river in Norway). What you need more? And cheap rent as well!


Sorry for the mess on those photos, but I took them exactly on the day I moved in. I didn’t had chance to unpack things back then (I’m not a messy person).


Hope you guys liked this more personal post. As you may have seen, I’m again committed to the Tuesday-Saturday schedule, and hopefully, I will stick to it also in September. I have many ideas about what to write, so more posts to come. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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