Joyful days.

Nothing big. Few sunny and few rainy days, friend that visited me and short walk around Elverum and Oslo. How joyful those simply days can be though.

Last week I came back to Poland to catch up with family and friends, and it happens that I also caught some bad sickness by the way. But it was the first time I have visited my country since the beginning of January, so it was finally the time to do it.


It was lovely, but Norway was calling me back. So I came back after four days (and I’m still sick). It’s not that I don’t like to be in Poland – and it may sound quite controversial to some people – but I really see Norway as my place now. Don’t judge me.


I came back to Norway with my friend (but for some reason she had different flight, no matter that the destination and hour was almost the same; weird). She came to my place, to Elverum, for four days.


Two of those days I had to work, but the last two days were really nice and we were lucky with the weather. Especially last day of her visit, when we sat by the Glomma, right next to the Skogmuseum to just chill. Even water was still and reflected everything perfectly (the picture on the top of the post).


We even played garden chess (or however they’re called) in the centre of Elverum. Quite nice idea if you ask me; you don’t really see things like that elsewhere.


After driving her to the airport, me and my partner went for a dinner to Oslo, to our favourite place, Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri. The airport is quite close to the city centre, so that’s why we chosen to go to the capitol. And for the burgers too, of course. Always recommend this place, everything there’s so nice.


But before going to the restaurant we kinda got lost in the city on, what seemed to be, a simple walk around. We went to, I believe, Grünerløkka, which isn’t quite the city centre. I spotted quite few interesting buildings, among others an art school. That looked cool! (photo below).


Those days were simple ones, but I like simplicity, even more and more nowadays, because so many things can be so complicated. It’s a nice relief when you have no big worries and people that care about you are around you. Then the weather, place or the time doesn’t matter.


I hope you guys also had lovely week or at least weekend. For a lot of you it could be beggining of school soon or already (if you’re Norwegian for example), so good luck with that! Have a nice rest of the week everyone! See you on Saturday with another post.


Author: againorway

a dreamer trying to make a living in Norway

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