A day in Berlin.

A city of wide and spread underground, thousands of different stops and lines and a city of cold, concrete architecture. I and my partner went to Berlin.

Our trip was completely spontaneous as per usual. All I knew is that my boyfriend never been in Berlin (although he visited Germany many times) and that Szczecin (where I live now) is pretty close to this town, around 1,5 hours with a bus if I remember correctly.


The Neptune Fountain of Berlin.

So we ordered tickets without second thoughts (just to avoid confusion: my partner visited me for one week in Poland, he normally lives in Norway). We went with FlixBus, a really nice company offering cheap tickets around Europe (no, it’s not an advertisement).

Berlin TV Tower.
Berlin Cathedral.

I was in Berlin two times before, once with a school trip, so I don’t remember much and the other time with a friend of mine for some sightseeing and Christmas markets two years ago. I couldn’t recall how to get to some places, but I definitely knew how to get to the most famous spot called Alexanderplatz. If you have restricted time in Berlin, that’s where you head to.

Spree, the river in Berlin.
Berlin Cathedral again.

From the bus stop for FlixBus, it’s a few minutes walking to U-Bahn, Berlin underground, so it’s good localization. All you need to do is to find a line that goes to Alexanderplatz, which is quite easy in my opinion. If you have trouble with that, you can try an app called BVG U-Bahn map (it’s for iPhone, probably there’s something similar for Android).


Altes Museum.

When you come out of U-Bahn at the Alexanderplatz, you’re immediately surrounded by lots of people, shopping centers and all that kind of stuff. However, to get to the main attractions (as those that I pictured above), all you need is to follow the signs. Or turn on the GPS (I put a link to map to almost every place).

By the Spree river, on the opposite side to the Berlin Cathedral.


We were just walking around, enjoying the perfect weather (even though it was middle of October, I was in shirt only!). We had time until around 9 pm, so there were no worries. And personally, I didn’t want to run around the city to see as much possible, rather just walking and talking, chilling.


Being in Berlin and not tasting famous Berliner, the beer brewed in this city, would be a sin, so we went to some restaurant by the river. It was a nice place, with a view on Cathedral, so we really enjoyed it. But personally, I didn’t like the beer, it was too bitter for my taste (my partner also didn’t enjoy it).


After the beer, we went to the most known area with Brandenburg gate and visited a really nice park just by it called the Tiergarten (grosser Tiergarten). It’s the most popular park in the city and many people go there to just walk or chill. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of both things.


Berlin is a specific city. A lot of old, historical buildings combined in one place, restaurants, and pubs on every corner, many shopping centers. However, in my opinion, this city is not even close to Bergen, Trondheim, or even to Oslo. Most of the architecture is just an ugly, grey Bauhaus style all over the place. If someone like this calculated, cold city vibe then it’s a perfect city. But I missed some colors and shapes, I don’t know.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.


We haven’t seen much, although it was quite a lot for one day, still. Walking around since 9 am was enough for us to feel almost like starving, so we went for the closest pizza place. The pizza itself was really nice, but the staff and how they organize things in the restaurant was just weird. Thankfully I don’t remember the name of the place because I wouldn’t even recommend it.


After that, we basically went back to the bus stop for our way back. That was really eventful and nice day, I enjoyed it. But I don’t know if I will ever come back to Berlin, to be honest. Three times is already a lot and I’m not even a huge fan of the city.

Anyway, thank you for reading and see you on Saturday! I changed things a little bit before that travel posts were on Saturdays, but I didn’t have enough time to edit this one for a previous weekend, so it’s on Tuesday now. Have a nice week everyone!


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